UltraTile ProLevel Fibre Reinforced Flexible Leveller - 20kg

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  • Internal Use
  • Formulated With FibreBond Technology
  • 3 - 75mm Depth
  • 3 Hours Set Time
  • Tile After 8 Hours
  • 20kg: 3.4L Mixing Ratio
  • Conforms To CT C35 F6 EN 13813 Classification
  • Bag Size: 20kg

UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre is a single-part, high-strength, rapid drying and curing concrete floor leveller. The product's formulation incorporates a blend of specially graded fillers, cements, polymers and fibres. It is mixed with clean cold water to give a free-flowing product that can be applied from 3-75mm in one application. Our specifically formulated fibre technology aids application and strength resulting in a strong, sound and even base ready to commence the tiling process after only 8 hours. Its fast set time (in good ambient conditions) enables light foot traffic in 3 hours.

All subfloors should be protected from moisture from the sub-ground by use of a base damp proof membrane (DPM) (please check older properties, which may not have a base DPM). Assess moisture levels in accordance with BS 8203, to achieve a hygrometer reading of 75%RH or less. Where this is not attained a surface DPM should be used – the selection of which will be subject to the subfloor. Any surface laitance, adhesive residue, paints, weak smoothing underlayments and any other materials which will hinder UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre's bond with the subfloor should be mechanically removed. The subfloor should be clean, dry and sound. The area should also be dust-free prior to any primer application.

Commence the tiling process:

  • 8 Hours (3mm application) 
  • 24 Hours (5-15mm application) 
  • 48 Hours (15-30mm application) 
  • 72 Hours (30-50mm application) 
  • For depths above 50mm leave 7 days

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