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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 products
Onboard - Tile Backer Board 1200x600mm - 6mmOnboard - Tile Backer Board 1200x600mm - 6mm
Onboard - Tile Backer Board 1200x600mm - 10mmOnboard - Tile Backer Board 1200x600mm - 10mm
Onboard - Tile Backer Board 1200x600mm - 12mmOnboard - Tile Backer Board 1200x600mm - 12mm
OnBoard Shower Waterproofing Kit 10m²
Onboard Waterproofing Joint Tape - 20m
Onboard Waterproofing Joint Tape - 10m
Mapei Mapegum WPS - 10KgMapei Mapegum WPS - 10Kg
Mapei Mapegum WPS - 10Kg
Sale price£44.29
Mapeguard ST Roll - 10m
Mapeguard ST Roll - 10m
Sale price£15.29
Mapei Aqua Defense Tanking KitMapei Aqua Defense Tanking Kit
Mapei Aqua Defense Tanking Kit
Sale price£58.18
Mapei Mapegum WPS 20Kg
Mapei Mapegum WPS 20Kg
Sale price£79.50
Mapei Mapelastic Smart - Part B 10KGMapei Mapelastic Smart - Part B 10KG
Mapei Mapeguard UM35 - 30m RollMapei Mapeguard UM35 - 30m Roll
Mapei Mapeguard UM35 - 30m Roll
Sale price£350.00
Mapei Mapelastic Smart - Part A 20KGMapei Mapelastic Smart - Part A 20KG
Mapei Mapeguard Pipe CollarMapei Mapeguard Pipe Collar
Mapei Mapeguard Pipe Collar
Sale price£6.46
Mapei Mapeband - 50mMapei Mapeband - 50m
Mapei Mapeband - 50m
Sale price£179.17
Internal Waterproofing Corner
Mapei Mapeguard Corners - InternalMapei Mapeguard Corners - Internal
Mapei Mapeband - 10mMapei Mapeband - 10m
Mapei Mapeband - 10m
Sale price£35.95
Mira 4650 Aquastop Flexible 12.5kg
External Waterproofing Corner
Mapei Shower Waterproofing KitMapei Shower Waterproofing Kit
Mapei Shower Waterproofing Kit
Sale price£54.95
Mapei Mapeguard Corners - ExternalMapei Mapeguard Corners - External
Mapei Mapetex - 50m RollMapei Mapetex - 50m Roll
Mapei Mapetex - 50m Roll
Sale price£363.95
Mapei Mapelastic Aqua Defence - 15kgMapei Mapelastic Aqua Defence - 15kg

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