Gemsbond Clear Optimum Extra Resin - 1L

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Knife Grade Vinylester is specially developed for bonding natural stone, quartz ceramic, and porcelain. It has good storage stability.

  • Strong adhesion: Creates a durable bond for all porcelain stoneware.
  • Versatility: Available in different viscosities and colours for specific bonding needs.
  • Curing properties: Fast curing times for efficient repairs.
  • Colour options: Transparent or opaque resins for aesthetic applications (especially for high end porcelainery, including primary finishing and post-fitting repairs).
  • Can be easily coloured by the addition of uni colourant paste.

How to use:

Prepare the surface: Ensure the area to be bonded is clean, dry, and free of dust or debris.

Mix the resin: Our epoxy polyester resins require mixing Part A and B in a designated ratio.

Apply the resin: Apply the mixed resin to one of the surfaces being bonded.

Join and hold:  Carefully position the pieces together and apply pressure, eg. using clamps, to ensure a secure bond. The curing time for our resin is quite short. Some installers simply use masking tape to hold a 90° joint together while curing.

Clean Up:  While the resin is still wet, remove any excess with solvents recommended by the manufacturer.

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