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BENERFLEX +S1 is a powder adhesive consisting of cements, graded particle size aggregates, synthetic resins and special additives. It has been formulated and developed for a rapid, reliable installation of ceramic, porcelain & natural stone tiles, even on non-absorbent substrates and onto substrates subject to slight dimensional variation. Thanks to its particular composition, Benerflex +S1 can be mixed with a higher percentage of water to allow for complete "wetting" of the back of tiles, even on large format tiles, with no need for back buttering.

Laying of porcelain tiles, thin ceramic slabs, non-absorbent single-fired tiles, double-fired tiles, and natural stones (water-stable), even large size, and glass mosaic in:
- Interior and exterior walls and floors
- Heavy-duty areas
- On top of old wall and floor tiles

Suitable for use on:
- Interior & exterior walls & floors
- Concrete
- Cement-based screeds
- Anhydrite screeds
- Cement-based & Gypsum-based boards
- Heavy-duty areas
- On top of old wall & floor tiles

​Inside Only:
- Fluid cement-based screeds (prior application of an appropriate primer if demanded), standard or heated with water system
- Fluid anhydrite-based screeds (prior application of an appropriate primer), standard or heated with water system
- Old ceramic tiles
- Standard or waterproof plasterboard
- Cement-based and gypsum-based boards (prior application of an appropriate primer)

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