High-performance tools designed to make your tile cutting tasks a breeze. From precision diamond blades to versatile tile cutters from top brands like Rubi, Sigma, Montolit, Battipav and more. Diamond Blades: Our precision-engineered diamond blades are the go-to choice for cutting through tough materials like ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Whether you need to make intricate cuts or straight lines, our diamond blades deliver exceptional performance and durability. Manual Tile Cutters: Tilers Gear offers a variety of tile cutters, from handheld options for smaller projects to heavy-duty tile cutters for larger installations. These tools are designed for accuracy and ease of use, ensuring your tiles fit perfectly every time. Wet Saws: If you're tackling larger tile cutting projects, our wet saws are up to the task. These powerful tools are equipped to handle large tiles and provide clean, precise cuts while minimizing dust and debris.